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Gaillardia Golf & Country Club came to us to build their brand recognition and loyalty for future growth and, since 2011, we've been elevating their visual impact.

Golf & Country Club
Brand Identity, Editorial Design, Menu Design, Marketing Materials, Digital Campaigns, Photography
March 2011 - April 2022

The Opportunity

Gaillardia Golf & Country Club hasn’t always been as well known as it is today. They first approached us in 2011 with a need to boost their membership subscriptions. Over the years, their needs have evolved in keeping with the solutions we’ve provided.

Our Solution

We began by visually unifying the Gaillardia brand. It had been inconsistent and lacked the elegance the physical club emanates. We did this by limiting the color palette to Maroon with accents of gold, grey and cream. We began using minimal motifs, vivid photography, and maximized margins to add harmony and elegance. Over the years, we’ve tackled new subscriber goals, introduced new subscriber content, refined brand touchpoints, boosted ancillary revenue streams, produced welcome packages, menus, catalogs - we even designed a new subsidiary brand.

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