We Believe

OU Health

Bringing together Oklahoma’s most extensive academic health system required a unifying brand message to clarify who OU Health is to both the public and to their team.

Film, Media

The Opportunity

OU Medical was beginning the rebranding and renaming process for their extensive network of hospitals and health systems. They needed a unifying message to solidify who they were as a connected health system—not a series of disconnected hospitals. They were also wrapping up construction on the largest patient tower in the country. They needed to showcase this to the public while reinforcing their message: We are ONE hospital system.

Our Solution

Writing a series of commercials that spoke to the why behind the what and delivering the content across various media platforms. We presented OU Health as the most extensive, caring, and multidisciplinary health system in the state. The brand messaging in these commercials served to bring everything under one roof. Reminding their team of the breadth of services and educating the public on how they are all connected.

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