Kirsten's Story

OU Musical Theater

By following Kirsten Myers, a senior in the musical theatre program, a personalized and authentic experience is portrayed for the upcoming 2020 recruitment class. - This film is a Regional Heartland EMMY

Education, Arts
Fall 2019

The Opportunity

The musical theatre department was looking to enhance their quality of video and films to match the world-class quality the students receive in their education.

Our Solution

With how personalized the program is per student, we translated that personalization by showcasing a student in their day-to-day as well as through the perspective of their teachers. In pre-production, we took the time to put the contents of the pre-interview questions onto sticky notes and re-arrange them in the order we felt was the most compelling storyline. This helped educate our decisions when it came to production days. In wanting to translate authenticity, one of the biggest creative decisions we had was shooting the interviews handheld as well as the majority of the b roll. We had multiple shoot days on and off campus, performance coverage, and access to the Weitzenhoffer musical archives.

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