OU Health is a large health system located in downtown Oklahoma City. Its sprawling campus encompasses multiple hospitals focused on numerous medical specialities including: cancer care, pediatrics, geriatrics, diabetes, adult services and more.

The complex network of hospitals and clinics caused confusion among target audiences. OU Children’s Hospital had its own national brand, alongside OU Stephenson Cancer Center and the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center. The health system needed a consistent, all-encompassing identity to market itself as the region’s premier, comprehensive medical provider. A cohesive brand identity and media strategy would extend OU Health’s brand equity across all of its sub-brands and increase the health system’s marketing ROI.

we plan

Our campaign objectives were straightforward: grow brand awareness, increase audience affinity and drive new patient visits. The media buy took 12 months to research and plan. During that time, we worked hand-in-glove with OU Health’s internal marketing and PR teams to successfully roll out and promote the new brand statewide on October 15, 2020.

Media, film, and design worked collaboratively on:

+  Developing a new brand rollout strategy and marketing goals

+  Concepting

+  Messaging

+  Tailoring spots toward specific audiences

+  Placement strategy

Media placements included:

+  Broadcast TV

+  Cable TV

+  Outdoor Vinyl and Digital Billboards

+  NPR StateImpact Sponsorships

+  Traditional Radio

+  Local News Digital Homepage Takeovers

we deliver

Flight negotiated and bought media during the up-front season to lock in the most affordable rates and secure spots early to avoid pre-empts. Planning in advance was key to using OU Health’s budget wisely and ensuring prime placements.

In order to maximize budget during COVID-19, we “flighted” ads to run two weeks on the air, then two weeks off the air. Flighting boosted frequency during a short period of time, especially before and after the political season (where all advertisers experienced pre-empts).

Our outdoor plan comprised a mix of static vinyl and digital boards. The vinyls represented the brand and were strategically placed along every major artery in OKC. The digital outdoor creative combined a mix of guaranteed and non-guaranteed boards throughout OKC and Tulsa. This ensured maximum visibility, flighted rotations and ultimately the most effective use of budget.

We won multiple Gold ADDY awards for film in the Oklahoma and AAF District 10 American Advertising Awards competitions.

We refine

For traditional TV and out-of-home advertising, we used impression-based measurement to aggregate the same audience across multiple platforms such as digital and CTV. That technique  provided us with a more complete picture of all paid media. New technologies helped us target the most valuable audiences and allowed us to deliver impression-based reporting across all media to tear down the walls between traditional and digital media. We maintained full visibility and continuous optimization by tapping into measurement tools such as:

+  Comscore: Traditional TV 
+  GeoPath: Digital & Vinyl Outdoor
+  Dataroma: Digital & CTV 
+  Google Analytics 4: Digital
+  SQAD: Data Reports

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