As the state’s largest entertainment brand, the Oklahoma City Thunder had a 12-year history of arena traditions heading into the 2020 season. Fans had grown accustomed to their game-day rituals as they attended hometown games. That year, the COVID pandemic upended everything, and the season was completed in a spectator-less “bubble” in Bay Lake, Florida. That decision created a host of challenges heading into the 2021 season.

In 2021, the Oklahoma City Thunder was entering a season unlike any before it. After a season of empty arenas due to COVID, the league was allowing fans to come back. But looming health threats required stringent new precautions. To set firm expectations for arena crowds, the Thunder needed a high-profile campaign to educate the public. They needed to show how the experience would be different, but still an opportunity to create lifelong memories for families and fans alike.

we plan

After researching crowd psychology, we decided to role model the desired behaviors for key audiences. We wanted to show fans what to expect with touch-less payment systems and ticket-less entries into the arena. Simultaneously, we wanted to show fans that they could still have a rollicking good time even while they were masking up.

we deliver

Flight shot a :30 commercial inside the Paycom Center including approximately 100 extras. The commercial focused on two separate story lines: a father-son experience and four 20-something friends. Both story lines were shot with and without masks to give our client maximum flexibility. We wanted to be prepared for changes as the public health and public policy environments evolved. When highlighting new regulations, we kept the education points clear while reminding fans why come to the arena – for an electrifying great time.

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