Chickasaw Country is a vibrant region in South Central Oklahoma. Encompassing the Chickasaw Nation reservation, this forested expanse is an international destination for nature, culture, recreation, and entertainment. In 2023 the Chickasaw Nation engaged Flight to create a series of captivating broadcast commercials. The objective was to attract tourism dollars to local businesses in the area. 

Spanning over 7,000 square miles, Chickasaw Country is vast. With thousands of attractions, events, and restaurants, our first challenge was developing a creative strategy to show off its diverse splendor.

First, we identified a handful of destinations representing the breadth of offerings. Next, we identified our most important audience segments: families, couples and travel companions. Finally, we constructed compelling visual narratives that wove these essential elements together. Now, it was time to roll up our sleeves and dive into production. 

we plan

The campaign consisted of three 30-second spots with shorter versions of each. The full-length spots spanned up to five shooting locations  — which posed logistical challenges to Flight’s seasoned producers. But, to the surprise of exactly no one, they developed a winning production plan. 

Over the course of a week, Flight’s filmmakers shot gourmet restaurants, historic theaters, flourishing art galleries, quirky monuments, breathtaking hotels, natural beauty, rustic cabins and much more. 

we deliver

Back at the Flight offices, our editors married the footage with poignant music and poetic voiceovers to deliver award-winning broadcast spots. The finished product was an artistic achievement that exceeded even our own expectations. Beyond pure cinematic craftsmanship, we delivered a set of strategic visual assets that could target valuable audience segments. That was the real beauty — and biggest victory — of the entire project. 

We refine

Our clients, our audiences and the award-show judges agreed: our partnership with Chickasaw Country was a thoroughgoing success. In 2024, we renewed our contract to develop a brand new Chickasaw Country tourism campaign. We’re proud to deliver first-rate marketing assets for our state’s tribal nations. And we’re grateful to support the businesses and regional economies in our state. For us, that’s the stuff that makes it all worthwhile.