Clubby Seltzers came to Flight with a delicious idea for a “club special in a can.” They had a vision for their package design, but they needed help bringing it to life and developing a brand that would grow alongside their emerging hard seltzer company. Clubby wanted to launch a brand with their original lemon-lime flavor with the goal to later expand their flavors and distribution market.

we plan

Clubby came to Flight with a vision for package design, but as branding experts, we know a brand is more than just packaging. We knew that Clubby’s business would expand quickly, which would require a scalable parent brand for their future range of hard seltzer flavors. The Clubby Seltzers brand has a distinctly humorous, preppy and approachable personality, and we wanted to strategically develop a brand that communicated that personality to our target audiences.

we deliver

We created a comprehensive brand for Clubby Seltzers including a logo, package design, and brand motifs and icons. The token brand assets are the custom Clubby script logo and the custom flavor and golf icons that adorn the labels on all of their products. The Clubby patterning system is unique in the hard seltzer market and is evocative of the playful patterns found on popular golf attire and merchandise.

On all graphic design deliverables, from labels to 12-packs to store displays, the Clubby Seltzers brand achieves visual consistency through the balance of strong color inspired by the palette of lush golf courses and the given flavor of each product, punchy phrases in bold typography, clean product and lifestyle photography, and an intelligent use of ample negative space.

When Clubby’s product list expanded, we were given the opportunity to re-imagine our label design system for all drinks to be flavor variants of a “Clubby Seltzer” instead of drinks with their own distinct names.

We refine

Profitable sales numbers and brand loyalty allowed us to continue to work with Clubby Seltzers as they expanded their flavor portfolio, packaging options and distribution market outside of Oklahoma.