Tyler Grimmett is an Oklahoma-based custom hat designer. The quality of his craftsmanship was under wraps, excluding word-of-mouth and close friends and family, because he lacked a brand to represent himself and his work. Tyler came to us with only a name: Memphis + Louie. Our team was tasked with not only visually representing Tyler’s craft, but also building a brand narrative that would resonate with his clients in order to build strong customer loyalty over time.

we plan

In our discovery process, we were moved by Tyler’s humble nature and the true integrity he puts into his work. In his own words, he explained how his hat making process pays tribute to a century-old craft. In the 12 hours it takes him to construct a custom hat, he only utilizes one machine for sewing 2 seams. All other tasks in his process are done by hand with a range of traditional tools. We knew then that the term “handcrafted hats” would be the pathos of his brand.

we deliver

We worked with Tyler to craft a brand as humble and mature as his personal philosophy. From the clean wordmark and custom symbol to the contrasting fonts and bold imagery, the Memphis + Louie visual language walks a confident line between luxurious modernity and rugged heritage.

To tell Tyler’s story and promote his craft, our team captured the essence of the brand in a 60-second launch video. This video is a love letter to the relationship between the consumer and a product stitched by hand to last a lifetime.

We refine

On the heels of the brand launch, customer demand increased so significantly that our client needed a new website to handle the influx of business. It was important for the site to mirror the simplicity and elegance of the brand while maintaining accessibility and streamlining the complex process of ordering a custom hat. As Memphis + Louie continues to grow, we celebrate the timelessness of the brand and the lasting impact of Tyler’s story.