Oklahoma has the highest rate of female incarceration on planet earth. Separating mothers from their families perpetuates a destructive cycle of poverty, addiction and social fragmentation. ReMerge is a diversion program in Oklahoma County that models the power of rehabilitation. The organization serves high-risk, high-needs mothers facing nonviolent felony offenses.

ReMerge launched a donor group to support its rehabilitation efforts. It was designed to raise funds that reunite families and create hope in Oklahoma County. They partnered with Flight to create a brand exclusively for like-minded donors who serve as a network of support to lift up mothers and knit together the fabric of society. That’s how The Thread was born.

we plan

We knew that drawing in donors would require a brand that inspired hope, forgiveness and a whole new perspective bringing people together. We decided to create a brand that symbolized community, solidarity and the ties that bind us together as a community. 

we deliver

The Thread’s primary logo features a stitched pattern with a looping finish and a friendly wordmark. Together, these elements create a brand that is both credible and approachable. We also created a secondary logo featuring a loop that ties everything together with the primary logo. 

The bright pink and yellow color palette represents the uplifting environment that ReMerge and its donors create for their clients and their communities. The result was an electric, vibrant look that drew donors in and gave them a reason to support this important cause. 

We refine

The brand launch was wildly successful. Donations poured in, and Flight was commissioned to create collateral pieces including collectible enamel pins for members to showcase their support for ReMerge and donations to The Thread. We were proud to support this deeply meaningful cause, and we continue to partner with Remerge and its affiliated community charities to this day.