Have you wondered what type of video is best for your business? A commercial may be the first type of video that comes to mind when you think of video work from an agency. But there are many more types of marketing videos out there for you to incorporate into your marketing plan. At Flight, we offer a wide range of video work that can bring viewers and engagement to your business. Continue reading to learn about all the different ways to use video for your business. 

1) Commercial - Reach your audience with an advertisement designed to promote a product, service, or brand. Can be in a narrative or non-narrative format. Can play on television and social media. Commercials range from 15 seconds to over 2 minutes.

2) Brand Identity Video - Create videos that share the history, mission, and values of your brand, so your audience knows exactly who you are and trusts you.  Also known as a “Who We Are” video. 

3) Product Video - Showcase your product. This is often in an editorial style, created in a studio setting.

4) Customer Testimonial - Share real-life success stories and reviews from your customers in an interview style. 

5) Case Study - Present in-depth analysis of how your product or service solved specific challenges in one of your users’ lives.

6) Webloop - Make your website pop with a short, aesthetically pleasing video that loops on your website landing page. Tip: Because it loops, a webloop is typically no more than 15 seconds long.

7) Social Media Content - Increase your visibility and online presence with short, attention-grabbing videos on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok. Often in vertical format and prone to going viral, social media ads can be a fun way to engage with your audience and reach new customers.

8) Live Event Recap - Document an event such as a gala or a convention with a video that highlights the best moments and promotes upcoming events.

9) Live Event Capture - If you have a virtual audience, stream a live event to employees or clients with a live event capture. 

10) Drone - Do you want to add a sense of place or showcase a location from a bird’s eye view? Drone footage adds a professional look and a high production value to any video, from a brand identity video to a webloop . At Flight, we are licensed to fly drones and offer drone footage.

11) Campaign Video - A campaign video goes along with the roll out of a campaign, which promotes a specific product, service, or aspect of your business. A campaign video follows the theme of the campaign and utilizes a campaign tagline.

12) Documentary - Tell compelling, non-fiction stories related to your product, service, or brand.. A documentary approach can be utilized in various video types that rely on real customers and clients, such as a customer testimonial or a campaign video.

13) Public Service Announcement (PSA) - Great for non-profit organizations, a public service announcement raises awareness about an important issue.

14) Music Video - A music video supplements a song with visuals that can range from abstract to narrative.  A music video can be used creatively for your business for comedic, artistic, or dramatic purposes. 

15) HR and Internal Training - Create instructional videos designed to help new employees with company policies, procedures, and culture. 

16) Recruitment Video - Attract future employees with an engaging video that showcases why your business is a great place to work and holds fulfilling career opportunities.

17) Anniversary Video - Celebrate the milestones your company has reached at its anniversary, reflect on the history of the company and envision what the future holds.

18) Behind-the-scenes - Pull back the curtain for your audience by showing them a behind-the-scenes of how your product is made or what goes into your service.

19) Tutorial - Provide step-by-step instructions on using your product, service, or brand.

20) Employee Profiles - Want something that shows off the personality of your employees more than just head shots? Introduce your team members and their roles within the company with a video that allows for them to shine and speak highly of your business.

21) Educational Content - Share industry insights and tips to position your brand as knowledgeable and helpful. Educational content helps you engage with and give back to your community.

22) Short FIlm - Get creative with your marketing with a short film that acts in service of your business. Tell an impactful yet concise story.

23) Trailer/Teaser - Great for businesses in the performing arts, a teaser video can let audiences know about an upcoming show or attraction with a call-to-action at the end with dates and a link to buy tickets.

24) Tourism - Attract new visitors to your business, district, or city with a video that showcases all there is to offer and know about your destination.

25) Announcement Video - Keep your audience and customers in the know and get them excited about the latest products and services that your business offers.

26) Hype Video - Use a high-energy, spirited video to get your audience excited about your event, product, service, or brand.

27) Inspire Video - Use inspirational language and imagery to inspire your audience to feel moved by your event, product, service, or band.

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