At Flight, we start every strategic marketing plan thinking through your target audience’s journey from the first step to your final desired action. We set measurable goals and objectives, and determine the strategies and tactics we will employ to make those achievable. Every strategy and tactic we consider as part of your marketing plan fits somewhere into the customer journey, and it’s essential to determine what that journey looks like from beginning to end to achieve the best results for your business.

We visualize this journey through a marketing funnel. The various steps in the funnel determine how we target your audience.

We start at the top of the funnel with Awareness - who are you and why should your audience care? This is the first step in the customer journey where we bring brand awareness about your business to your target audience.

From there, we enter the middle of the funnel at Consideration - educate your audience on why you have the solution to their problem. At Flight, we solve problems for our clients and our clients solve problems for their customers. This step is where we want your customer to move into the phase of serious consideration for taking our desired action.

Finally, we hit the bottom of the funnel with Conversion - this is where we request your audience to take our desired action, whether that’s making a purchase, making a call or filling out a contact form. From here, we refine and repeat this journey as we make progress toward achieving your goals and objectives.

Each step of the customer journey and the marketing funnel is different - each requires different targeting, different messaging and different takeaways. It’s important to focus on the entire customer journey from beginning to end rather than just the conversion because those customer decisions aren’t made overnight. We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes so that we can understand their thought process and decision making from the moment they are first introduced to your brand, to the moment they take the action we strategically lead them towards.  If you’re looking for the full customer journey in your marketing plan, get in touch with Flight and see how we can help you lead your customers to take your desired action.