At Flight, we pride ourselves on being a full-service marketing agency, offering several services under one roof. This fosters collaboration between our teams and gives our clients the best possible solutions. Every client account at Flight has a Marketing Strategist dedicated to their account, whose role might be compared to an Account Executive at many other agencies - but our strategists do so much more. Our Marketing Strategists ensure all of our creative teams are working toward common goals and objectives. Whether we work with you to create a marketing plan from scratch or work from an existing plan your business has provided, we collaborate to determine the best strategies to accomplish your marketing goals. We make sure all tactics and deliverables are on brand, on schedule, and on budget.

When a client comes to Flight requesting a deliverable, we dive deep to gain a strong understanding of what we’re creating and why we’re creating it. Why do you want a 30-second commercial? Who do you want to see it? Where do you want them to see it? What do you want them to do after they see it? We ask all these questions and more ahead of time to put the Flight crew and your business on a path to success.

You may still be wondering, but why? Why is it important for us to provide strategy for all of our clients? Because we know that having answers to these questions is in your best interest in the long-term, and it will help you gain the most return on your investment with us. We want all of our clients to walk away from a project feeling confident and satisfied with the work and results we’ve provided, and we have to think strategically in order to do that. We ensure that no matter what piece of creative your target audience sees - a Facebook ad, a billboard, a commercial - it resonates with them across all channels. Through these strategic tactics, we create stronger brand recognition in your audience’s mind that will lead to conversions and brand loyalty for your business over time. If you think it’s time for your business to gain a comprehensive marketing strategy, contact us at Flight to see how we can help you achieve your goals.