Web accessibility is becoming increasingly important. With society recognizing and uplifting portions of the population affected by disabilities, it is essential that websites are designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, and you should highly consider it for your business. You may be reluctant or unsure of how to make the switch. At Flight, we ensure all the websites we create and moderate are accessible. Accessible websites offer the following benefits for business owners and your site visitors:

  • Better user experience: Sometimes, an accessible website means a more organized website. A well organized website offers clear navigation and makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. An optimal user experience can lead to more conversions. 
  • Reaching a wider audience: An accessible website ensures more users can access your content and comfortably interact with your brand. This can lead to higher site traffic and promote business growth. 
  • Improved SEO: Accessibility helps search engine algorithms understand website content better and improve your SEO rank report, increasing your site’s visibility. 
  • Reduced risk of lawsuit:  Government requirements for website accessibility are continuously being modified, leaving businesses and organizations with an increased risk for non-compliant websites. Adopting an accessibility strategy for your website will avoid potential lawsuits that could cost your business thousands of dollars.  
  • Tax credit: Many businesses that incurred expenses for ADA compliance may qualify for the ADA Compliance Tax Credit. The credit is used to pay up to $5,000 or 50% of the annual limit of $10,250 of qualified access expenses.

In conclusion, with the increased importance and need for accessible websites, it is essential for businesses to consider the benefits and take the step toward accessibility. You will open your business to a wider audience, appear in more search results, and potentially qualify for a tax credit. Making a website accessible benefits everyone. Contact Flight today to see how we can help enhance your website accessibility.